Cancellation Lists

Cancellation lists help both you and your ARTIST out in filling seats at the last minute. If your artist has a 3 months wait but has a cancellation you have a chance to secure your seat much sooner than anyone else.

Our cancellation lists work differently to other studios. To be added onto our cancellation lists we have two methods for this:
Method One: While you’re making a booking request with us, check the box “I have read and agree to be added into a cancellation list (optional)”
Method Two: Contact your artist directly and they will add you onto their cancellation list

Once you’re on their cancellation list if your ARTIST has a cancellation you will be notified via email with a chance to take the seat which will get you in much sooner. We operate on a first come first serve basis which means the first person who shows interest in taking the seat will be given priority.

We have a total of 3 cancellation lists. For the most part you will be added onto these lists automatically depending on who your preferred artist is, only with your permission if you check the box on the booking form.

If you pick “NICHOLAS TATTOO” You will be Notified if nicholas has any cancellations. If you pick “IZZY UCHIHA” you will be notified if izzy has any cancellations. If you pick “no preference” you will be added into a general list where you will be notified if either nicholas or izzy has a cancellation. If you’re on the no preference cancellation list you can contact us to be moved into a specific list.

If you no longer wish to be on a cancellation list please go to your last cancellation email from us and click on “Unsubscribe” to be removed from our cancellation lists.