What is your hourly rate, or do you charge by the piece?

The hourly rate is reserved for tattoos needing multiple sessions. Tattoos that can be completed in one sitting will be quoted by the piece by the relevant artist.

Nicks hourly rate is $200 per hour.
Izzy’s hourly rate is $150 per hour.

We also offer special full day rates (price upon request only)

What is your address?

Suite 3/14 Hill St, Camden NSW 2570

Does getting a tattoo hurt?

This varies strongly from person to person and with your tattoo design, but in the big overall picture, yes. Tattoos all hurt but so does stubbing your toe. At least when you get a tattoo, you get rewarded with art for your pain.

Certain areas will be more sensitive than others, of course, and you can ask the tattooist if you are concerned about the area you want tattooed.

Do you do walk-ins?

We do not allow walk-in traffic, and no walk-ins mean no interruptions. We want you to have our full attention when it’s your turn in our chairs. If your artist has time available on the day you inquire, you can make a same-day appointment. Keep an eye out at our artist’s socials as they are always advertising to let you know when they are available.

Do you accept Afterpay, Zip Pay or Ink Pay?

No, unfortunately, we don’t accept either of these.

Do you have payment plans?

No, we don’t offer any payment plans. However, you can book as far in advance as you need to have the time to save your full amount. Piggy banks labelled “tattoo fund” is the best payment plan!

Can I go swimming after my tattoo?

No, please do not submerge your new tattoo in any bodies of water or expose it to sunlight during the healing stage. This can dramatically affect the healing of your new artwork. Wait until all the scabbing has naturally fallen off to avoid issues. Visit our aftercare page to view a full list of dos and don’ts after getting your new tattoo.

Can I re-wrap my tattoo?

No, you leave our studio with your artist’s wrapping and leave it on for 1 hour. When you get home, safely dispose of the wrapping and gently wash your new tattoo for 20 seconds under lukewarm water, then dab dry with a clean paper towel or a clean towel. Do not re-wrap the area but be sure to have clean sheets on your bed (expect these to get stained). If you can’t get work off to heal and you work in a dirty environment, we recommend wrapping your new tattoo with a clean paper towel and taping the edges. If on your lower arm, wear a long sleeve shirt. If on your lower leg, wear full-length pants. This will help act as a barrier for the first 3 days and prevent the possibility of the tattoo sticking to your clothes. Once you are away from the dirty environment, remove the paper towel and gently wash it. If your tattoo has seeped and stuck to the paper towel, apply a little amount of water, wait a few moments, then gently lift it back to prevent tearing.

How long does a sleeve take?

The timing of a sleeve, or any other tattoo in general depends on how complex or busy the artwork is, whether the artwork is black and grey or colour and depending on the overall size of the design and the canvas. There are too many factors to give an accurate answer but we can loosely estimate upon your booking when we have the right information from you.

How long will it take to heal my new tattoo?

This depends person to person and tattoo to tattoo. Generally speaking the scabbing should all naturally fall off between 10 – 14 days after the date of receiving your tattoo. Sometimes quicker, sometimes longer. Your skin however will not fully recover to normal for up to 3 months. Some things that will help encourage a speedy heal for you are your diet, your sleep patterns and your water intake. Our bodies are healing machines, if you treat your body right it will treat you right.

Can I go to the beach with my new tattoo?

We strongly advise against this. Water, sand, and sunlight are the last things you want to put your tattoo through.

Can I put sunscreen on my new tattoo?

Not when healing, this is an open wound and should be kept free from all foreign materials. Keep your tattoo out of sunlight all together for a successful heal. If you’re needing to put  sunscreen on your tattoo you are in the wrong place while healing your tattoo. Once healed and all scabbing has naturally fallen off we strongly recommend to sunscreen your artwork every time you go into the sun to keep your tattoo at its richest. What happens to your skin will now happen to your tattoo.

Can I touch my new tattoo?

Please try your best not to touch your new tattoo. We know it’s very exciting having something new in your skin, but the only time you should be touching your new tattoo is when you are washing it with clean hands or applying a small amount of cream after 3 days of washing alone. Be sure that anytime you need to touch your tattoo, and you have washed your hands thoroughly first.

My friend said they know a guy whose brother tattoos, and he said to smother my new tattoo in cream and wrap it for 2 weeks. Is that true?

No, listen to your tattoo artist. They know the best way to heal their tattoos.

Do I have to eat before my tattoo?

Yes, we strongly recommend you eat before attending your appointment. This will help you through your tattoo and prevent you from having any sugar or nutrition crashes.

Can I use numbing cream before my appointment?

This is up to you. However, our artists do prefer you not to. We find the area becomes red and tight. Sometimes this can affect the tattoo in the application or healing. Using numbing cream can also give a false sense of safety, and once the cream wears off, customers are unable to sit comfortably. Using numbing cream affects the body from producing its own natural pain killer, and we find customers that don’t use it are more likely for a longer, easier sit.

Should I shave the area before my appointment?

No, we will do this for you. This will prevent the area from becoming red and blotchy before your appointment.

Do I have to have the area shaved for a tattoo?

Yes, if we do not shave the area, hairs and clog our needles affect ink flows, hairs can be pushed up under the skin, and our stencil won’t stick to the skin.

Do you have a female artist available?

Yes, we do have a female artist available.

Do you have a private room in your studio for sensitive areas?

No, unfortunately, we do not. We are a locked door studio but with an open plan design.

Is the studio wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately not, there is a stairwell upon entry.

No, we do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18. No exceptions.

Can you do up a design before I choose to book in?

No, a booking with a non-refundable deposit must be made before any design is done. This secures the time for our artists to do this work. If we design and you choose not to follow through, your deposit will pay for your artists’ design time. If you chose to go through with your tattoo, your design comes free with the tattoo, and the deposit amount comes off the total on the day of your tattoo.

Can I bring a support person?

No, at this time, you must attend your appointment alone due to our size and our Covid safe plan.

How do I wash my new tattoo?

Please refer to our aftercare section for a full rundown on this

Can I drink and/or take drugs before getting my tattoo?

No, if you are in a state that you can not legally operate a vehicle, you are not in the right state of mind to legally consent to your new tattoo. You will be turned away, and you will lose your deposit.