After Care

– before ever touching your tattoo, please wash your hands –

– One hour after leaving your appointment, you can wash your hands and remove the tattoo wrapping that your artist applied.
– Wash your tattoo gently under lukewarm water for 20 seconds with a gentle dettol hand wash.
– Pat dry with a clean towel or clean paper towel and allow to air dry further. If you notice excess plasma, blood, or ink bubbling, gently pat with little to no pressure until it subsides.
– Be sure to wash your tattoo twice daily until fully healed. A clean tattoo is a happy tattoo.
– Avoid creams and ointments for the first 3 days (unless instructed by your artist) and allow your body to seal your new tattoo (too much cream too soon can act like a grazed knee left to soak in the bathtub).
– After 3 days (e.g., you got tattooed on Monday, it’s not Thursday morning), you can apply a 10 cent piece amount of cream per palm-sized area up to 3x a day until your tattoo is fully healed. Please wash your hands and tattoo before applying any ointments. Any excess ointments left on the surface can be gently removed by soft dabbing with a clean paper towel.

– What to avoid –

– DO NOT expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight.
– DO NOT go swimming or submerge your new tattoo in any still water.
– DO NOT scratch, itch, pick at any flakes/scabbing. Allow them to fall off naturally.
– DO NOT allow your pets near your healing tattoo.
– CHANGE YOUR SHEETS. Dirty used sheets can infect your open tattoo.
– AVOID any dirty, unsanitary surfaces from coming into contact with your new tattoo. It is open skin.
– DO NOT lean on your healing tattoo
– DO NOT let your friends or family touch your healing tattoo.

– Please note –
Slight redness and swelling is normal and expected, bruising can occur. If symptoms persist, please CONTACT YOUR ARTIST via email where they can aid you further.

offline use

For offline use please feel free to download the PDF version of our after care sheet. You can download it by clicking HERE.